January 8, 2011


South Korea North Korea reiterated Saturday a suggestion for unconditional talks with South Korea to ease tension on the separated peninsula. The latest offer comes days after South Korea dismissed earlier calls by the North for negotiations.

Tensions between the two sides escalate after a North Korean artillery torrent on a South Korean-held island near their disputed maritime border killed four South Koreans in November. The attack the first on a inhabitant area since the 1950-53 Korean War occurred in waters not far from where a North Korean torpedo allegedly brought down a South Korean warship eight months before That attack killed 46 sailors. North Korea has denied responsibility.
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  1. The civil war in Korea is complicated by the fact the U.S.-led coalition which tried to invade North Korea in the 1950's, the army which killed thousands of civilians, and bombed much more than most realize....has never signed a peace treaty with North Korea - which was saved from 'Western' Occupation by the Chinese Army.
    Regardless, and I do have recent posts on Korea, the 'Axis of Evil' stories by the US and UK are a farce about making people who try to limit nuclear weapons proliferation - signatories to the NPT - the supposed 'danger' to peace when they use nuclear power technology.
    Also look up 'The Third Pillar of the NPT'.
    To view the Korean story properly is hard for an English speaker...media 'history' being a lie promoting the wishes and interests of nuclear armed countries and telling a 'story' which does not properly show their actions.
    Search 'North Korea' in my blog and see Notable Posts in the Topical Index for more information.
    Iran's mischaracterization as covered by CASMII gives an interesting view of how the lying never stops.