May 4, 2011


He was a man of many names. Arshad, Ahmed, Abu Ahmed to name a few. To his neighbors within Abbottabad, Pakistan, he was a friendly man from the country's tribal areas who worked as a money changer and built 12-foot walls to keep out the "many enemies" he'd acquired in the course of doing industry.

What no one who lived near him in the sleepy, semi-rural enclave knew was that Arshad Khan was really al Qaeda operative Abu Ahmed al Kuwaiti, Osama bin Laden's most trusted courier, and his identity additionally location became the key to killing bin Laden. Little is known about al Kuwaiti, but interviews with neighbors, Pakistani officials and U.S. officials make clear that the Kuwaiti-born Pakistani was for several existence the second most-wanted terrorist during the world, if only because the CIA had become convinced he could led them in the direction of the al Qaeda leader.

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  1. Whatever the case may be, I am so glad that OBAMA did it for us, finally! How many years have we been waiting for this great day?? Now that Osama Bin Laden is dead... let us hope that we can call this as end of terrorism :-) But then, I am seeing in the news these days that Pakistan themselves are in trouble due to the terrorists. How true it is to say that, If you choose violence to kill people, violence is gonna kill you!

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